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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

ANNOUNCEMENT: Name Change Coming


I am so incredibly thankful to those that subscribe to my blog and/or visit regularly. You all warm my heart, truly you do.

This has been a great, FAST ride! I woke up this morning with almost 68,000 blog hits (since starting to write this, hits are now almost 80K! 1/3: now over 160K!). That is nuts! My first blog was released on 12/1/16. I am humbled by the response to this blog in such a short time. 

Hits to our site to check out the instructional blog I wrote on Instant Pot Buttons alone have reached over 40K (1/3: now over 100K)! Our next most popular posts have been our Whole Pressure Cooker Bundt Pan Chicken, our (Un) Stuffed Cabbage, our list of Favorite Pressure Cooker accessories, my Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal and one of my newest recipes, Pressure Cooker Macaroni and Cheese!

Because of the interest, I have decided that this is something I want to take SERIOUSLY. Instead of this free blogspot blog (which is great), I have decided to get a web developer (lucky enough for me, my husband owns Kraken Media and is a phenomenal web developer!). I am buying a real domain name, spending money on proper tools, and making plans for partnerships and collaborations.

Having said that, a name change is coming!

When I created the name, Simply Instant Pot, I was just happy to start writing and documenting my own experiments with the Instant Pot I received as a gift - I thought I would do it just as a hobby in my “spare time". With the interest having grown, I want to make sure I am not limiting myself to only Instant Pot users - I want to connect to all pressure cookers (no matter what brand they own). I have decided to move away from a name that singles out the Instant Pot.

In addition, I will share that I am currently pregnant, having a baby boy in March of 2017! I have a lovely 7 year old step daughter at home. I work full time in Corporate America. My husband has a demanding full-time job and runs his own web development business "on the side”. I already know what busy looks like. With a new baby to come… well, I am sure I will laugh at what I currently think of as busy. I want to use my website to connect with others who feel the same - Moms, Dads, grandparents. I plan to make baby food for my little boy and will definitely share my use of my pressure cooker!

I hope to eventually make this a full time gig - your support is EVERYTHING! I appreciate you all, more than you know.

Without further ado, I wanted to share the new name, scope and planned content I have defined for my new website, currently in development! #comingsoon


Food: Under Pressure
[short name: FoodUP]


Recipes & techniques perfect for sharing delicious food with family & friends while balancing a life under pressure.


  • Pressure cooker recipes (hence Food: Under Pressure!)
    • *Recipes will be categorized, so it will be easy to sort through and find what you are looking for
    • Original Homemade recipes
    • Semi-homemade recipes
    • One pot meals
    • Pressure cooker baking
  • Non-pressure cooker recipes
    • *Recipes will be categorized, so it will be easy to sort through and find what you are looking for
    • Other fast, easy, simple recipes and techniques or shortcuts I find beneficial for my life as a busy wife and mom
    • Traditional Family recipes
    • Other Favorites
  • Collaborations with everyday cooks
    • FoodUP supports the everyday cook! Not everyone is crazy enough to start a food blog… but that doesn't mean their food isn't worthy of sharing! I have committed to featuring tried and true recipes from folks who cook just to cook.
      • Are you a home cook who is interested in being featured on Food: Under PressureContact me at
        • Featured recipes will require the following:
          • Recipe title, exact ingredients and directions, at least 1 picture (preferably of at least the finished product), at least 1 testimonial from someone else who has successfully used your recipe
    • FoodUP will also support other like-minded bloggers - I plan to collaborate and share recipes from my favorite sites. Be confident that the sites I share will only be those I truly believe in (with full permission and credit given, of course)
      • Are you a food blogger who may be interested in collaborating with Food: Under PressureContact me at
  • Resources
    • Resources for pressure cooking
    • Favorite accessories and products - links to purchase (affiliate)
    • tips and reviews for various pressure cookers - this will be a work in progress along the way! I currently have this Instant Pot only
    • Information on my website: how I created it, how I will maintain it, and income produced for those who are interested in that insight - this will be a work in progress along the way!
  • TidBits - my life as a busy, working (under pressure!) Wife & Mom
    • I will have a blog section where I will share little tidbits here and there of my life - this will be separate from the recipes. So, if you aren’t interested in my life and just want to see recipes, that is totally fine! 😉

Food: Under Pressure

I am incredibly excited for this journey… more to come!

Thank you for being here!

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  1. That is awesome - all of it! I have been a "regular" pressure cooker user for eons and just recently received an Instant Pot, and I think including all pressure cookers is a wonderful idea. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your son, also!

    1. Thank you so much for all the kind words and feedback. I appreciate it so very much :) I welcome your feedback on any of my recipes ANY time! -Jessica