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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Instant Pot - Best Amazon Prime Deals on accessories and more!

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Amazon Prime Day has arrived - Instant Pot lovers (and anyone & everyone else) rejoice!

If you’re still in need of an Instant Pot, or want a second, you’re in luck today!

If you’re looking for some appliances as a perfect match with your Instant Pot, you’re in luck today, too!

These are my favorite Amazon Prime Day deals to go with the Instant Pot or your Kitchen in general!

HURRY - the deals do NOT last all day and are prone to selling out FAST!

IP DUO60 7-in-1 8 quart Instant Pot - on sale today ONLY for $89! This is the lowest price ever!

A great accompaniment to the Instant Pot, or just a great add to your kitchen appliance stash, is this Ninja Professional Blender — Today ONLY, at the amazingly low price of $69. I have never seen it priced this low, ever!

Sous Vide is a trendy and absolutely delicious way to cook foods at a precise temperature, in it’s own juices for flavor and tenderness maximization! Today ONLY, this Anova Sous Vide is only $129 marked down from $199!

Cooking soups, sauces, or utilizes those flavorful juices after cooking meats or other foods in your Instant Pot is great! Make it easier to transform soups and sauces into a smooth, luscious consistency right in your pot with this Royal 5 piece Hand Blender, today ONLY priced at $19.97, marked down from $50!

Want a cook book to go along with your Pressure Cooker? This one is marked down 50% OFF!

Tongs are a must have in the kitchen and something I use almost everytime I use my Instant Pot! This DRAGONN Stainless Steel & silicone Set is on sale at almost 50% OFF, and an even better deal is coming on them today!

One of the hardest things about using the pressure cooker is removing the Inner Pot when hot, or removing accessories from inside the pot after cooking. These Extreme Heat Resistant gloves will make it a breeze, and a great deal is coming soon on them today!

The Instant Pot is GREAT for meal prep. Check out the Amazon Prime deal on these tupperware sets later today!

There are SO MANY other deals out there for Amazon Prime members! Check out their website for more deals and sign up for your Amazon Prime membership today!

Happy Amazon Prime Day, all!


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